Did Giants walk here? For some this name will ring a bell. As a person who has grown up and lived in this area, I thought that after 45 years I knew all the stories about this region. But now new information about one of the sites in the ar

Alexander McCorkindale lived in a sandstone cave on the edge of Lake Banagher, while he was building other housing. Many of the lake's and pans in the area has got some sort of sandstone overhang covering on there north western sides.  Th

South Africa's only Natural Bridge       It all began 11 to 15 million years ago. Water

Klippe wat op panne loop. Verklarings deur die Dep. Geologie Universiteit Pretoria. Mr.  Ben Beukes Dept. Geologie 1 September 1994 Geagte Mnr. Beukes, Namens myself, Proff. S

THE TEVREDEN PAN PEATLAND COMPLEX OF THE MPUMALANGA LAKES DISTRICT  Piet-Louis Grundling, Anton Linström 2, Retief Grobler 2 and Johan Engelbrecht 2  1: Department of Geography, University of Waterloo, Canada ; 2: Mpumalanga