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The Pink Flamingo Cafe & Take-aways offers various products to the Chrissiesmeer community.

What's for lunch today? How about a lovely crispy portion of Hake with chips? Come try it now! Don't forget us for all your takeaway, cake and coffee cravings.  Don't feel like cooking, come and grab one of our Homemade Cottage Pies!!!  We're still doing our Boerie Roll and 440ml Coke. Come and get them fresh of the braai.

Remember our kitchen and shop are open till lunchtime and with the weather the way it is you might want to just order in, we deliver.  Don't know what to cook tonight? Why not come and grab a box of Tiger Prawns and some Chilli and warm those winter chills away!

You will find freshly baked Breads and Rolls, Cheese and Onion Tartlets, Jam Squares, Coconut and Ginger Cookies, Aniseed and Buttermilk Rusks, a range of Jams, Pickled Onions and Curried Beans, Cupcakes and Swiss Rolls and lots more.  The Flamingo Fire Sauce is a great hit.

The Pink Flamingo is now carrying a range of Cold Meats to suit your everyday or catering needs. Roast Beef, Salami, Pepper Ham, Continental Ham and more, come and see for yourselves.  We also have spinach and a variety of vegetables from our garden.

Contact Us

Give us a call on 017 847 0065 or send an email with your catering requirements.  Visit our Facebook page.