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The Billiard Room Pub & Grill

The Billiard Room is a historical Pub & Grill and is conveniently situated next to the historical John Jack Inn.

The room you are in has been affectionately referred to as the Billiard Room for more than 100 years. It was erected in 1900-1901 as a recreation centre for use by the British troops occupying Lake Chrissie during the Anglo-Boer war.

The wood-and-iron structure had been transported by ox-wagon from Tempe in Bloemfontein having previously been shipped from England.  A tell-tale feature is the slightly longer wave in the corrugation, which you may note matched in the sister-building the John Jack Inn next door.

A Huge billiard table was then put in, ostensibly for use by the British Officers, and the sandstone blocks on which the legs of the table rested can still be seen.

A Stone kitchen was added to the structure in 1944 Most you see around you is as it was in 1901, except for the furniture and the bar counter, all of which were lovingly hand-made by the proprietor Peter Borradaile.

Oh, of course, and excepting the food, which are fresh and also hand-made.

Business Hours

Herewith our standard kitchen hours:

  • Mondays ? open from 5pm to 8pm
  • Tuesdays to Saturdays – open from 11am to 8pm
  • Sundays – open from 11am to 2pm.

The bar stays open later but closes at the discretion of the manager on duty after weighing up the activities in town and current customers.  Prior arrangements may be made if your guests are arriving late and would like to eat, and we would be happy to accommodate them given they arrive at the arranged time.

Thanks again for your loyal support and referrals.

Contact Us

Give us a call on 083 297 5993 | 078 459 6707 or send an email with your requirements.  Visit our page on Facebook.