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Fly in to Chrissiesmeer 


See our web at www.florence.co.za

Contact us on info@florence.co.za

To see Chrissiesmeer from the air is closely like flying over the Ocavango, with 270 pans and lakes in a 15km radius, it is an undiscovered beauty to be discovered. 

Chrissiesmeer is of the beaten track but here you will find a peaceful country side with sandstone cottages on the guest farms and a small town awakening to the charm that tourism brings to the area. 

The only runway is at Florence Guest farm 5km outside town, you can park your plane on the lawn at the Guest house. This a working farm with sheep, and cattle. 

Runway: length = 800 m grass 

Direction 35 and 17 

Coördinates: S 26° 16?.052 E 30°16?. 152