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History Project 2015 for the Chrissiesmeer website

 I  (Ané Steinberg (info@florence.co.za)) came across two very interesting and energetic young men at the end of 2014. The headmaster Mr. Vincent Twala  of Lake Chrissie Secondary, told me about these talented young men.

Bongani Alester Nkosi  (Tel: 072 2778 231) and Mduduzi Mnisi ( Tel: 076 016 3807).  They both are children of Chrissiesmeer (wachibikulu) born and raised here.

Bongani, is a Grade 11 learner at the Lake Chrissie Secondary School and Mdudzi a grade 10 learner at the same school. Both of them have a passion for history.

Bongani Alester, participated in a History project at his school and was selected to present his project in Cape Town at the National Oral History convention.  Mduduzi, approached us in a attempt to start a Museum in Chrissiesmeer.

Together we decided to start writing down the “Black” History of the town of Chrissiesmeer. It is a lovely interesting journey for all of us that started early this year.

Armed with their cell phones, to record history and to take pictures to start an “Internet” Museum.


To preserve in a written form the history of the black community in Chrissiesmeer, and in the end we would love get help to also preserve die fiscal history like old buildings.


Any Help will be appreciated, contact Ané at info@florence.co.za.